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Tuesday 22st, June 4:15:40 Pm
Mitt Romney's $10,000 Bet: Fallout From the Iowa Debate


New video loaded Mitt Romney Suggests a 10, Bet.

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Mitt Romney Suggests a 10, Bet. None None December 10, Mitt Romney suggests a 10, bet with Rick Perry. Continue reading the main story. Mitt Romney offers Rick Perry 10, bet in latest Republican presidential debate - The Telegraph 51. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s baffling decision to propose a 10, bet with Texas Gov.

Rick Perry over a disagreement on health care policy during Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate dominated the after-action analysis of the event. Perry insisted as he has done at other debates that Romney advocated for an individual mandate as governor of Massachusetts. Romney argued that he had not done so then laid down the 10, bet to settle things once and for all.

From that moment, Romney’s fate was sealed. But did the former Massachusetts governor just have a bad nigh. Romney denied the shift, offering Perry 10, on stage to prove it. Perry shot back that he isn't a betting man knowing he already landed a major blow on his millionaire opponent.

Romney appeared out of touch with middle-America, casually wagering a substantial sum of money in a bet. Romney removed the line "We can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country" from the second edition of his book not quite what Perry claimed.

But expect the wager to become a staple of Democratic and Republican attack ads against Romney as the election cycle continues. Mitt Romney could stimulate the economy himself. Is 3 months salary for the average American.

RT deanofcomedy Never seen a presidential debate like tonight where a candidate offered to bet 10, to prove other guy wrong. Republican presidential candidate's gaffe throws unwelcome spotlight on his wealth at time of rising poverty divide. The one-time GOP front-runner offers Republican voters a reminder that he has a lot of money.

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Willard Mitt Romney born March 12, is an American politician and businessman who has served as the junior United States senator from Utah since January He previously served as the Governor of Massachusetts from to and was the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States in the election.

Raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, by his parents, George and Lenore Romney, he spent over two years from in France as a Mormon missionary. LOL - if I had 10, bucks to throw around, I'd make that bet without a second thought but sadly, I'm not in that category of wealth where 10, is nothing but play money.

I'd rather just hope and pray that Romney won't win - rather than have 10 grand at stake as well. The Mittmeister is going to lose the election all by himself.

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With the lies that he tells daily, and his complete inability to relate to regular people, he's going to lose. Once people have seen him for what he really is - a huge liar and phoney - they'll leave him in droves. IF Americans are as smart as they say. Mitt Romney stuck out his hand and challenged Rick Perry to a 10, bet at a Republican presidential debate Saturday night, prompting Perry to decline because he is "not in the betting business." At issue was Perry's claim that he read in Romney's book "No Apology" that the individual health care mandate Romney signed into law as Massachusetts governor "should be the model for the country." That seemed to anger Romney, who responded, "you know what, you've raised that before, Rick.

And you're wrong." "Rick, I'll tell you what - 10, bucks, 10, bet," Romney continued, thrusting his hand in the direction of the surprised Texas governor. Gingrich, Romney hammered at GOP debate. Too bad for Perry - Tex could have picked up a quick 10K. Debate Saturday night, Mitt Romney wagered he doesn't have a record that supports an individual mandate for national health care.

Too bad for Perry - Tex could have picked up a quick 10K.

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By now, you've probably seen the video of Mitt Romney offering a 10, bet to Ricky Perry at Saturday night's Republican Presidential debate and thought about the political ramifications.

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But what of the tax implications? There are tax angles to everything, right? What if Rick Perry had foolishly taken Mitt Romney up on his 10, bet offer? According to PolitiFact, Romney would have won the bet, since Perry’s claim that the first edition of Romney’s book endorsed a Massachusetts individual health care mandate as a model for the nation is mostly false.". During the debate, candidate Mitt Romney challenged Texas Governor Rick Perry to a 10, bet over what Mr Romney had written in his book.

Some say the size of the bet may give the impression he is out of touch with the public, especially at such a time of economic hardship. 11 Dec Share this with Facebook.

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Over the weekend, the Republican candidates for President of the United States engaged in yet another televised debate, and apparently things are getting important now or something because I think stuff happens in January that will make some of them pack their knives and go because they will be the weakest links goodbye.

In any case, one time front-runner MItt Romney who is losing ground to Newt Gingrich, because apparently someone successfully time-jumped really put his foot in it during a disagreement with Texas governor Rick Perry when, in the midst of a disagreement over health care refo. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney put his money where his mouth was on Saturday in a quip at a presidential debate that may have backfired.

Romney, a multi-millionaire and a frontrunner for the Republican nomination, offered a 10, bet to opponent Texas Gov. Rick Perry in an argument over what Romney wrote about healthcare in his book No Apologies.

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Former Massachusetts governor Romney tried to bet that he had not supported implementing an individual healthcare mandate, mistrusted by conservatives.

Rick, I’ll tell you what 10, bucks?, Romney said. Perry, like many of those assembled at Iowa’s Drake University for the debate, seemed surprised by the offer. I’m not in the betting business, but I’ll show you the book, Per. Mitt Romney is tired of hearing about the change made to his book that touts Massachusetts' CommonWealth Care as a "model for the nation." But Rick Perry keeps bringing it up.

So Romney proposed a 10, wager - perhaps unprecedented in presidential debates, although we'll wait for Gingrich to provide the historical background. "Rick, I'll tell you what 10, bucks?" Sadly, Perry didn't want to take the bet, so we never got to learn what the terms were exactly.

Instead, Romney quoted from the chapter in which he said that every state should have the opportunity to make its own health care plan. My colleague Ryan Grim quips "How many people have you met who casually make 10, bets?" It's pretty "1 percent," if you ask me.

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Mitt Romney's bid to be president was faltering today after he was outmanoeuvred by GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich at last night's debate and was criticised for offering Rick Perry a 10, bet. Perry today said the boisterous offer over alleged inconsistencies in his book showed Romney was 'out of touch'. An average resident of Iowa, where the debate was held, would take three months to earn 10, The ex-Massachusetts governor, who is usually surefooted during these sessions and has won most, last night boasted of his business career versus his rival's lack of expe. Romney’s campaign would later say the high amount was an expression of just how sure their guy was he would win, not an indicator of his PayPal balance.

I’ve made million dollar bets with my friends, and I think the reason that Mitt made that wager is because he knew that Rick Perry wouldn’t take it, Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom told the New York Times. Both Politifact and the Washington Post’s Fact Checker said Perry’s attack was off the mark, meaning Romney would have won the bet.

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Mitt Romney offering a bet to Rick Perry during last night's GOP debate. Newser Trailing a surging Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney needed to make a splash in last night's GOP debate to take back the momentum.

Well, Romney definitely splashed, thanks to his bold 10, wager over his belief in an individual mandate for health insurancebut how much do you want to bet Romney wishes he could take back the big-money wager now? After trying so hard to prove to people that he is just a regular guy, multi-millionaire Romney "may have given his GOP rivals and Pr. The former Governor of Massachusetts, who is thought to have amassed a personal fortune of about million million as a private equity executive, offered to pay Rick Perry 10, if he could prove that Mr Romney once favoured forcing people to buy health insurance.

You're simply wrong, Rick, Mr Romney said, during a debate in Des Moines, Iowa. I'll tell you what, he added, offering his hand. Mr Perry replied I'm not in the betting business.

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In one of the most awkward presidential debate moments perhaps ever, Mitt Romney decided to settle a debate-stage dispute with Republican rival Rick Perry last December by offering his opponent a bet. Mr Romney was sympathising with a small group of unemployed Americans in a coffee shop in Tampa, Florida in June last year.

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Perhaps taking his task too literally, Mr Romney offered, I should tell my story. While the small group laughed nervously, here’s guessing none of them were also worth more than. Romney's wager to Perry had Democrats and Republicans falling over themselves to cast him as out-of-touch.

Rick Perry finally turned the tables on Mitt Romney Saturday night in an exchange at the debate in Des Moines that saw the former Massachusetts governor fumble in just the way Perry had previously, after being goaded into a making a fool-hardy remark. Perry, addressing himself once again to a critique of Romney's health-care policy in Massachusetts, said "You know, I'm just saying you were for individual mandates my friend.". Mitt Romney said he would bet Rick Perry 10, that a line about health care did not appear in the first version of Romney’s book.

Perry said that he read the first edition of Romney’s book that Massachusetts universal health care would work for the rest of the nation but he couldn’t find it later editions. Romney responded Rick, I’ll tell you what, ten thousand bucks? The DNC already blasted an email thread titled Here’s what the average American family can buy with that 10, and the ABC political analysts said after the debate that this comment had the power to become the viral video of the debate. Watch highlights from the latest Republican presidential debate as Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich take centre stage in Iowa.

Theresa May moves into Number 10 on momentous day. 9 An English Journey Re-imagined with Iain Sinclair and Alan Moore.

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Mitt Romney, the embattled favourite for the Republican presidential nomination, was accused of being out of touch with ordinary Americans after casually betting Rick Perry 10, 6, over a policy dispute. This week, Mitt Romney finds himself again being criticised for being out of touch with average stanleymorrison.com a video of a Romney fundraiser released yesterday by Mother Jones, Romney is heard saying that 47 of Americans don’t pay income tax, are too dependent on the government and he can never convince them to take responsibility for themselves.

The Romney campaign says the comments were poorly phrased, but not much different from his usual stump speech.

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From betting Rick Perry 10, to saying middle class Americans earn between, a year, Romney has frequently left both supporters and critics scratching their heads.

Romney says he doesn't follow NASCAR very closely, but has some good friends who are team owners. Daily Show At the ABC News GOP debate, Mitt Romney takes a swing at Newt Gingrich's one awesome idea and misses, and Gingrich hits him back hard. WASHINGTONHe could have bet a beer.

But during an argument with Rick Perry during Saturday night's Republican presidential debate in Iowa, Mitt Romney extended his hand and asked the Texas governor if he'd wager 10, to settle a dispute over his healthcare record. The high amount instantly provided Romney's opponents with new ammunition for their charge that he's out of touch with middle-class America as he campaigns to challenge President Barack Obama in next year's election. Perry laughed off Romney's pricey challenge "I'm.

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Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney probably didn't bet on becoming the subject of ridicule and his very own Twitter hashtag when he offered rival Rick Perry a 10, wager during Saturday's televised Republican debate in Iowa. During the debate on ABC News, Romney found himself sparring with Perry over his views on healthcare, with Perry insisting Romney had said in his book No Apologies that he wanted to impose a health insurance mandate at the federal level.

Romney turned to Perry to bet cold cash that the Texas governor was wrong.

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Rick, I'll tell you what, 10, bucks, 10,0. Mitt Romney offered Rick Perry a 10, bet Saturday during the Republican presidential debate, and opportunists from all over the political spectrum are howling to high heaven that this is just the latest example of how the uber-rich Romney is out of touch with most Americans.

Perry sparked an unforced error from Romney by claiming that the former Massachusetts governor changed critical language about individual healthcare mandates in his book "No Apology" from one printing to the next. By offering to bet Perry 10, that the Texas governor was dead wrong, the CEO of the Oly. Democrats and Republicans alike are accusing Mitt Romney of being out of touch after he said during this weekend's debate that he would make a 10, bet with Rick Perry even as millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet in a troubled eco. Interestingly, Mormons are not allowed to gamble.

I wonder what would have happened if the bet was accepted? He would have been in sin and would have had to repent. Rick Perry did the right thing by ensuring Romney did not fall into sin. Another mind-blowing UFO video Aliens and UFOs 43 minutes ago. Adapting to the reality of post modern government spying on the citizen Survival 46 minutes ago.

Electrical engineering with regards to stone types in ancient structures. Ancient Lost Civilizations 1 hours ago. Moron President shows fake map in bid to validate fake tweet Politi.

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DES MOINES Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney put his money where his mouth wasSaturday in a quip at a presidential debate that may have stanleymorrison.com, a multi-millionaire and a frontrunner for the Republican nomination, offered a.

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If there's one thing that will endear Mitt Romney to the 99, it's trying to make a 10, bet with Rick Perry.

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Mitt Romney MittRomney April 7, 1. Mitt Romney nailed his NCAA tournament bracket. Mitt Romney is joking about that bet, but also he really does that. NCAA Tournament championship game Duke outlasts Wisconsin for national title. Mitt Romney sends relatable tweet about bracket.

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How does Romney challenging Perry to a 10, bet fit into strategy of being champion of the middle class? Tweeted the Washington Examiner’s Phillip Klein. Not too many Iowa caucusgoers are the sort to offer a 10, bet, even on a sure thing, tweeted Des Moines Register columnist Kathie Obradovich.

Watch the video of the moment Have a tip.

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Rick Perry on Sunday hit fellow-GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as out of touch with voters for challenging him to a 10, bet. Perry told Fox News Sunday that he was taken a little aback the previous night when Romney, during a GOP debate, tried to bet Perry over the Texas governor’s allegation that he removed passages of his book showing support for individual health insurance mandates.

"I'm driving out to the station this morning [and] I'm sure I didn't drive by a house that anyone in Iowa would even think about that a 10, bet was possible.

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Mitt Thinks, is Not Very Much’ Money. Under pressure from his GOP rivals and the media to release his tax returns, Romney told reporters his effective tax rate this past year was about 15 percent, the capital gains rate, since nearly all his income came from investments. He added, as a throwaway, that he also earned some money in speakers' fees, but "not very much." Turns out Romney made about, from speaking gigs in Share on Facebook.

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Mitt Romney You know what, you've raised that before, Rick, uh, and you're still wrong. Mitt Romney Rick, I'll tell you what, 10, bucks? Rick Perry But, you know, I'm just saying, you were for individual mandates, my friend. Mitt Romney You know what, you've raised that before, Rick, uh, and you're still wrong. Mitt Romney Rick, I'll tell you what, 10, bucks.

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Mitt Romney You know what, you've raised that before, Rick, uh, and you're still wrong. Mitt Romney Rick, I'll tell you what, 10, bucks? Mitt Romney, ABC News Republican Debate, quoted in. US-amerikanischer Politiker Werbung.

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A narrative has held Romney to be an out-of-touch multi-millionaire who cannot relate to middle-class America.[15][16] For example, during the presidential election campaign, when Romney proposed a 10, wager with one of his opponents in a televised Republican primary debate, political rivals and others were quick to call the bet an example of. "Mitt Romney Attacked as Out of Touch over 10, TV Bet Attempt".

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Mitt Romney MittRomney April 7, Just a casual wager, ya know? Romney’s big-bet crack was a callback to a faux pas from the last election cycle, when he challenged Rick Perry during a debate to a 10, wager over health-care-law minutiae, exacerbating concerns he was out-of-touch due to his fantastic wealth. Romney declined to fill out a bracket in, saying he was too busy running to become the Republican Party’s unsuccessful nominee. On the other side of the aisle, President Obama had Duke check, Kentucky check, Arizona nope, Villanova not even close in the Final.

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Mitt Romney Republican Party is a member of the U.S. He assumed office on January 3, His current term ends on January 3, Romney Republican Party ran for election to the U.S. He won in the general election on November 6, Romney was the Republican nominee for President of the United States. He was defeated by Barack Obama in the presidential election. Romney served as governor of Massachusetts from to.

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If Mitt Romney fails to get the Republican nomination, it won’t have anything to do with his much criticized 10, bet. For those of you who didn’t watch last night’s Republican debate or followed my live blog of that event how could you not?, Mitt Romney offered to bet Rick Perry 10, that Perry’s claim that, in Romney’s autobiography, Romney advocated using the health care law he helped implement in Massachusetts as a model for. And, just like that, the 10, bet became the defining moment of the debate for Romney, at least as viewed by the pundits.

If Romney loses his campaign for the nomination, media wags will undoubtedly cite this as a turning point.

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Jon Stewart says Mitt Romney's attempt to bet Rick Perry 10, during a Republican debate makes a little more sense now. On Monday's "Daily Show," he used Romney's tax returns, which he released Tuesday, to calculate that Romney has earned roughly 57, a day, for the past two years, from investments. That's the kind of money, Stewart said, that might inspire a man to make "stupidly extravagant, out-of-touch impulse bets." But Stewart's real criticism of Romney isn't that he's rich it's how little he pays in taxes.

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Meanwhile, correspondents say Mitt Romney may have hurt his campaign by challenging fellow contender Rick Perry to a 10, 6, bet. The debate is the since the campaign began. In January, Iowa will hold the first in a series of state-by-state contests that will help pick the party's candidate to challenge Democratic President Barack Obama for the White House in November Big bet. In the opening minutes of the debate, Mr Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, set out why he could bring the US economy back from the brink.

"We don't need folks who are lifetime Wa.

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Mitt Romney had another 10, bet moment, he told TPM. Suggesting only the wealthy can ran for office is something out of a Green Acres scenario of running for president. Rodell Mollineau, president of Democratic Super PAC American Bridge, also condemned the comments.

I’d say that Romney has forgotten what it’s be part of the working class or middle class, but he never was, Mollineau said, adding his quote showed he has no idea what average Americans are going through on a daily basis. Romney comes across as so stiff and out of touch in these debates, it's just astounding that h.

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A narrative has held Romney to be an out-of-touch multi-millionaire who cannot relate to middle-class America.[15][16] For example, during the presidential election campaign, when Romney proposed a 10, wager with one of his opponents in a televised Republican primary debate, political rivals and others were quick to call the bet an example of.

"Mitt Romney Attacked as Out of Touch over 10, TV Bet Attempt".

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Here’s a 10, bet Mitt Romney will stall and stall before opening his tax returns. His strategy is to open the returns after he is officially nominated at the Republican National Convention in August. Earlier in my career, I negotiated large, complex contracts. The first rule of every negotiator is to have a strategy. One effective strategy is to put off addressing the most difficult issues until the end of all other discussions.

Then, after all of the deal participants have spent.

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Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney on Saturday proposed a 10, bet to a rival candidate on Saturday, triggering questions in the media about whether that could show he is out of touch with the general public.

[O]ffering Rick Perry a 10, bet on stage at Saturday night’s debate gave his opponents a perfect new way to cast him as an out-of-touch rich guy,’ wrote Reid J. Perry had accused Romney of deleting parts of his book stating he supported mandates for individuals to buy health insurance.

Rick, I’ll tell you what 10, bet.

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Romney offered Perry a 10, bet during the Iowa Republican debate on Saturday over whether he said in his book that the health insurance mandate he signed into law as the governor of Massachusetts should be the model for the country. Perry declined to take the bet, but Huntsman jumped on it.

Huntsman was not invited to the debate, but his campaign released a YouTube video on Saturday night titled Challenge Accepted. The video shows clips of Romney saying his health insurance mandate was a good model for the entire nation. In one clip, Romney states, I like mandates.

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Get in touch with Mitt Romney MrRomney 13 answers, 16 likes. Ask anything you want to learn about Mitt Romney by getting answers on ASKfm.